More than 90 people participated in the conference The Power of Diversity, which took place in Gdańsk in May 21st, 2018 aimed to present tools allowing effective develop the intercultural competences of teachers, educators, students.

Teachers and educators have received practical tips, how to conduct the classes and workshops (including subject lessons, such as: geography, physical education, art) in the diverse group of people including pupils/students with the migration background.

During the plenary session good practices of integration through sport, art, as well as historical education was presented. Panel discussion took up the topic of the value of diversity and in the workshops methods of work in multicultural group were learnt in practice.

Piloting workshops



Youth workers attended in the international training course in Palermo conducted workshops based on created ITE syllabuses in their organisations or institutions. 15 workshops were conducted in Poland (Słupsk, Gdańsk), Lithuania (Vilnius, Jonava), Italy (Palermo), Spain (Cangas), Portugal (Cuba, Tavira, São Brás de Alportel) in April and May 2018. In the activities participated youth, including youth with migration background.


Some opinion of the facilitators about the ITE materials:


"The workshop went smoothly. It seems to me that the group enjoyed activities. Participants decided to do some more workshops on similar topics and would like to do some of them (workshops) with migrants." (Agnieszka, Poland)


"I find this scenario to be very flexible in terms of innovation and having space to be adopted to different countries and target groups." (Dovile, Lithuania)


"Due to its simplicity the syllabus is adequate to all kind of groups from children to adults, multicultural groups, mixed groups, etc. Its easy to implement, facilitate and conduct, and the facilitator can adapt the materials according to their availability." (Mónica, Portugal)


International Training in Palermo


A transnational training action addressed to educators, teachers and the people committed to promote the inclusion of groups in situations of migration, refuge or asylum seekers was held in Palermo, Italy, between 19 and 23 March 2018. Among others, the training aimed to know and apply in practical and multicultural context the set of educational resources developed under the project.  We also visited organisations working with immigrants to learn their best practices, and we realized, that Migrant Welcoming Center in Palermo supported already more than 10 000 families. Santa Chiara Center organize afternoon activities for around 200 migrant children. Moltivolti was established by 14 friends and promote mutual cooperation between migrants and host society. We came back inspired, impressed and motivated by the field visits and the whole training.

Testing workshops



In September-November 2017 took place 20 testing workshops. Each partner organisation tested four prepared syllabuses, to checked if they are working in different countries and cultures. The workshops were organised at schools, universities, NGOs, Center for Immigrants and more than 300 people participated on it, including immigrants and refugees




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