At school, no one is a foreigner


Palermo Municipality in cooperation with the University of Palermo and Catania



A scuola nessuno è straniero (At school, no one is a foreigner) INTERCULTURAL PRACTICES IN CLASS AND IN THE CITY








Target group

Private and public institutions involved in migrants inclusion, teachers, trainers.





The conference aims at focusing on the Italian multicultural school and the paths of foreign children and young people. The meeting consists of two moments: six parallel sessions of exchange and comparison of projects and good practices and a plenary session on ideas and perspectives.

The objectives of the program are the following:

- Spread awareness about projects that often fail to become the patrimony of all

- Decline the key words of integration and intercultural education

- To define the portraits of the 'new' pupils

- Focusing on teaching of Italian as L2, and on intercultural teaching

- Strenghten the relationship with immigrant parents.





Social-educational initiative centre PLUS

Make it Better

Ecos do Sur




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