Tolerant Tea


Social-Educational Initiatives Centre PLUS (SEI)


Tolerant Tea – sharing a cup of tolerance


V. Kudirkos square (Vilnius city center)


Lithuanian/ English/ Russian


Target group

Host society members and migrants residing in Lithuania, all ages


A flask with hot tea, colorful paper, pencils, a box, colorful cards with tags #IAmTolerant


Tolerant Tea event was organized on 16th of November to commemorate International Tolerance Day. The main idea of this initiative was to create a space for a dialogue between host society members and migrants living in Lithuania. It is known, that tea brings people together, helps them get to know each other, and establish a dialogue between them. According to a Turkish folk saying, conversations without tea are like a night sky without the moon. In Eastern cultures, tea is not just a hot drink. A cup of tea embraces family, friends, feasts, conversations, cozy moments, love. Therefore, SEI chose tea as an effective medium to bridge the gap between migrants and host society members through the simple conversation.

Migrants from Lithuania, supported by SEI, were inviting local residents for a cup of tea. They were encouraging passer-byes to meet and have a conversation. People could stop for a moment and engage in lively conversations about tolerance, mutual understanding and cultural diversity, while sharing a cup of warm tea. Each participant was also encouraged to write greetings and their thoughts about tolerance and how to develop an open and active Lithuanian society. Each wish was thrown into a special box. The wishes were later analyzed and documented by the organizer of this initiative. Moreover, each participant had a chance to take a picture with a card with a hashtag #IAmTolerant. A collage of pictures was later prepared and posted on social media.

As a result, this initiative not only fostered a multicultural dialogue, but also empowered migrants to be more active and engaged in a civic society.





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