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autochthonousand immigrant people residing in Spain, all ages. NGOs, Schools, Universities


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CibeRespect is a collaborative project that advocates the creation of support networks to analyze xenophobic discourse on the Internet and support a counter-discourse cyber-activism that curbs the impact of Hate Speech, feeding a digital landscape of respect, coexistence and social cohesion that will reverberate in the landscape of our neighborhoods.


CibeRespect proposes combating the impact that hate speech on the Net can exert on the opinion of the audience through a process of analysis and permanent campaign, supported by a new model of intervention that articulates the physical and digital space with vocation to join forces. For this, it crystallizes and projects local action and close relations towards the digital global environment, inspiring and accompanying the birth of an emerging social agent: the cyberactivist called to lead the fight against hate speech on the Internet. The project began in November 2016, led by the NGO Ecos do Sur in partnership with the Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya, and with the collaboration of SOS Racisme Catalunya and United Explanations.

With this project, we wanted to address and place on the social and media agenda issues such as

• Why is intolerance over represented on the internet?

• How can we counteract its impact without limiting freedom of expression?

• What is the role of hoaxes and fake news in the positions of public opinion?

• How is the undeniable power of mobilizing hate used to attack coexistence?

• How can we stop its impact, to protect ourselves and society?

• What innovative strategies and counter-narratives can we promote from cyber-activism?

Within the project we develop different actions, complementary to each other:

 -Observatory on comments on immigration news published by mass media

-Working tables with social entities, educational centers and local administration, to detect and analyze racist arguments in our environment

-Training in cyber-activism

-Construction of arguments against xenophobic hatred

-Interventions in social networks and media forums

-Campaigns on and off line of awareness

-Elaboration of materials





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