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Football is the most important game in the world. It connects people regardless to their skin color, gender or religion. This is a kind of football played in Etnoliga. To integrate migrants, empower women, promote fair play, break stereotypes and learn from other cultures.

In 2005 Fundacja dla Wolności organised a tournament for asylum seekers from Chechnya and Africa, Polish students and pupils. Next year new groups joined the event, Vietnamese among others. In the third and fourth tournament there were already 12 teams, including representations of the Jewish community and Legia Warszawa supporters. It was also beginning of cooperation with women players, introducing a minimum number of 3 women in each team. Due to the great interest, in 2010 the a solid league was launched.

The players are the people who live in Warsaw but come from all around the world. Refugees, businessmen, students, workers. The teams are mixed: there are no national squads, men and women play together. Participants prepare contests, food and cultural activities. A unique scoring system rewards fair play and engagement. Players themselves decide on the rules for each season but all the time follow the main rule, that each team must include at least 3 men and 3 women, and the players of at least 3 nationalities. Each prepares a presentation and refreshments (the form of presentation changes from season to season). There are professional referees. Competitions are held in different districts of Warsaw. In the spring season we play outdoor, and in the fall in the sports halls. Participation is free of charge, because sport is not a privilege. The event for fun and for the idea, not for rewards. All the participants get commemorative medals. The winners get cups and, in some editions, some extra gifts.

Besides tournaments Fundacja dll Wolności organises training and sparring games, charity tournaments and activities for refugee kids. It publishes manuals and organise workshop sessions, show up at festivals, fairs and other events to promote fair play.

Now a modest idea for a one-off tournament transformed into a big intercultural sports initiative, one of the most recognised in Central and Eastern Europe.





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