Interculturality Days


Municipality of Arteixo and NGO Ecos do Sur, (A Coruña - Spain)


Interculturality Days


Municipalty of Arteixo (Meicende Cultural Center)




Target group

Professionals from the social sector, students, public employees, local associations, immigrants and the general public.


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The days on interculturality, of the municipality of Arteixo, are the longest intercultural days of Spain, they began 15 years ago, in 2003, and have been held every year uninterrupted.


Through these "Days on Interculturality", the aim is to raise awareness among the population about interculturality, paying attention to different topics each year, which are of public interest, (the topics can be consulted on the website).



For this, different activities are carried out, among which we can highlight:

- Presentations by national and international experts in the subject

- Round tables with associations and interest groups

- Panels of Life Stories

- Group activities (Workshops)

- Folkloric activities of diverse cultures

- Intercultural food

- Activities in School Centers

With the days of Interculturality, another vision of immigration, social inclusion and interculturality in society is offered.





Social-educational initiative centre PLUS

Make it Better

Ecos do Sur




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