International migrants’ day


Social – educational initiatives centre Plus


International migrants’ day




Lithuanian/ English


Target group

Adult immigrants living in Vilnius and host society members


- A room which can host 20 – 30 people

- Computer, sound system, projector

- A4 and A3 size white paper (10 sheets per each size)

- Markers, pens



Aim of the event – to encourage immigrants to speak in Lithuanian language while participating in various activities. All participants where immigrants who had some knowledge of Lithuanian language. During this activity immigrants and local people had possibility to interact with each other, to learn more about each other (culture, language, behavior etc.). At the end all participants were really satisfied with the event (evaluation was made after the event).

The event consists of several parts

1. Introduction

Participants are encouraged by the facilitator to introduce themselves in Lithuanian (participants already have some knowledge of Lithuanian language) language, for those who is hard they can introduce themselves in English. Participants say their names, where they are from and what are they doing in Lithuania.

2. Quiz about Lithuania in Lithuanian language

Facilitator divides participants into 5 – 6 groups. In this way participants are going to work in multicultural teams. Facilitator gives each group sheet of paper and asks to find the name of the group. In the quiz there are 20 questions about Lithuanian culture, history, traditions, geography and etc.  Each team tries to answer the questions and collect as many points as they can. At the end of the quiz points are counted and winner’s team selected.

3. Karaoke of Lithuanian songs

Participants are encouraged to sing Lithuanian songs during karaoke activities together with host society members. Facilitator selects around 5 easy Lithuanian songs for karaoke activities. Foreigners lead the singing and they are supported by Lithuanian people.

4. Socialization activity

Before the event everybody were encouraged to bring some traditional snacks. During this activity people are able to try different dishes and have non – formal communication with each other in Lithuanian or in English.






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