Mentoring Program for Migrants


High Commissariat for Migration (ACM), in partnership with public and private entities throughout the country.


Mentoring Program for Migrants


Municipalities, Associations and other local institutions




Target group

Migrants residing in Portugal, all ages


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Registration form for Mentored Migrants/Refugees

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The Mentoring Program for Migrants is an initiative that, through volunteering, promotes experiences of exchange, mutual aid and support among citizens. It allows for mutual knowledge, in which differences are blurred in solving the same difficulties, concerns and challenges of everyday life.

At the same time, it is a means of welcoming and integrating migrants and, given the richness of this experience, is also a way of raising awareness of intercultural dialogue, participation and volunteering in society.

The host is provided by a set of volunteer mentors who support migrants in different areas for their better integration in Portugal.

The objectives of the program are the following:

- To provide support, follow-up, orientation to solve difficulties or concerns of immigrants with a view to their integration.

- To facilitate ways of connecting, accompanying or supporting the return of Portuguese emigrants.

- Provide support, follow-up, guidance to resolve difficulties or concerns of refugees hosted in our country.

- To promote equal opportunities and raise awareness for the richness of diversity.

- To incentive volunteering, participatory citizenship and the positive exchange of experiences.

- To contribute to the personal, social and organizational enrichment of the people and entities involved.

Through this program:

− Mentored immigrants have an opportunity to solve some needs or support to realize a dream.

− Mentored refugees have voluntary support in their arrival and reception in Portugal.

− Mentored Emigrants, who are determined to return to Portugal, can count on support and guidance to find suitable solutions to the construction of their new personal and professional project in Portugal.

− Volunteer Mentors can obtain, from this experience, further development of their personal skills, openness to diversity and an opportunity to exercise their participatory citizenship.

− On the other hand, the associated entities see in this experience an opportunity of personal enrichment of their collaborators and a contribution for their organizational culture and their community.





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