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Autochthonous families and immigrants residing in Portugal, all ages


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The "Next Door Family" is an initiative whereby a family accepts to host a family in their home that they do not know, forming a pairs of families - one immigrant or refugee and another autochthonous (or vice versa) - for a lunch, typical of its culture, as a way of welcoming the "Other". It is an initiative that aims to contribute to a more effective integration of immigrants in Portugal, reinforcing social relations and promoting the cultural diversity that exists in our country. The transnational project was created in the Czech Republic in 2004 and is based on the concept of "Inclusive Districts".

All meetings will take place on the same day - this year will be on November 26, 2017 at 1:00 p.m., throughout the national territory, Spain and the Czech Republic.

The "Next Door Family" initiative takes place in Portugal every year since 2012. There have been many public entities (Municipalities and Districts) and private entities (Immigrant Associations, Youth Associations and others, Cooperatives, NGOs, IPSS and Companies) that every year apply for its implementation at the local level. To that end, a support methodology was defined that integrates 10 steps for its successful implementation.

In the previous editions 467 meetings were held, where they were present:

- 1065 Families - 567 immigrant families and 498 indigenous families

- 3,402 Participants and 480 volunteers

Participants from more than 60 different countries. In 81 municipalities, from north to south of the country and in the autonomous regions.

This is a transnational initiative that takes place every year in other European countries and Portugal has been one of the countries with the largest number of participants.





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